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Should I wash or dry clean my bedding?

by Anita Jabbour February 01, 2020

Do I wash or dry clean my bedding?.....and how to avoid wrinkles?  

Our bedding Importers - Matouk, Sferra, Dea and SDH - do not believe in using faux finishes (as many manufacturers do) that place a temporary finish on their fabrics so they feel soft and supple in store. After a wash or two, the finish is gone, leaving something that doesn't resemble in feel what you've purchased. There are no faux finishes on any of our products. The high quality natural fibers ensure that each item becomes softer and more desirable with every wash. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Dry cleaning solutions break down all fibers and leave harsh residue after processing.

PRE-WASHING linens before first use will make them SOFTER! Machine wash linens in warm or cold water on GENTLE cycle. Add detergent to an empty WASHING MACHINE as it fills with water. DO NOT pour detergent directly on to linens.  Only use half the recommended amount of detergent. Tumble dry using LOW heat. Take care not to over-dry, which will damage the fibers and increase shrinkage. NO BLEACH...bleach causes yellowing. Remove linens from dryer while still damp to reduce wrinkles, then smooth and let air dry. Press with warm iron while damp to help remove any remaining wrinkles.

PS..DO NOT use fabric softeners of any kind. Fabric softeners leave a coating on linens, preventing their coolness, absorbency, and limiting the lifespan of your linens.

Sweet dreams,

Anita Jabbour
Anita Jabbour