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Bed Skirts

Bed skirts, also known as dust ruffles, have the practical benefit of protecting the space underneath your bed from dust, and have the added benefit of hiding whatever is under the bed from prying eyes. They typically go under a mattress and above a box spring.

From a design point of view, bed skirts allow you to further express your style. You can use a contrasting pattern or color to add more personality to your design. For example, a pink bedskirt can add a soft touch to your bedroom decor, while a brown bed skirt adds a feeling of richness. And of course, you can match bed skirts from Matouk and Sferra to complement other pieces within a style for a more traditional look.

Bed skirts are available in all sizes from California King, to King, to Queen, Full, and Twin. We carry the ever-popular 14.5 bedskirt, but custom sizes are available to add a final touch to your bedroom decor.