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Studies have shown that an average person sleeps for one-third of his or her life—that's about 318 months in a person's life, or 26.5 full years in bed! And yet for all the time people spend in bed, I'm always surprised at how many people skimp on their bedding by always looking for the cheapest bedding on sale at department stores or home stores.

When you buy product from one of those stores, chances are you're getting a lower grade of cotton that's grown in countries with less-than-ideal conditions and picked far too early. The result, which you may have felt in less expensive bedding, is that after only one or two washes the sheets will shrink or start to feel rough and edgy.

Contrast this to the sheets we sell from manufacturers such as Sferra and Matouk which are made from Egyptian cotton which is allowed to grow and mature into long staple cotton. This results in sheets that feel cool, crisp, and comfortable from day one, and only get better with each wash.

Your fitted sheets, your flat sheets, and your pillowcases can literally change your life. If you've ever stayed at a high end hotel with exceptional beds, you might recall the wonderful feeling of getting into bed at night, curling up under the covers, and experiencing the best sleep, most relaxing sleep of your life. Now imagine that feeling every night. We invite you to explore our linens bedding ensembles and learn how Jabbour’s methods in choosing bed, bath, and table linens can enrich your life and your living style.