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It's Throw Season! Choosing the Best Throw Blanket

by Anita Jabbour March 01, 2020

‘Tis the season to purchase a "throw" (sometimes called a "throw blanket"), and here at Jabbour Linens we have a large selection to choose from.

Throws are used to add a “feel good” touch for lounge chairs, couches or on the end of a bed ensemble. They are decorative and fashionable, but also add warmth and a long lasting luxurious cozy feel any time of the day. Their name tell you how to use them--simply "throw" them over the top of your chair or across your bed.

What’s the difference between a throw and a blanket?

Remember that a throw is NOT the same as a regular blanket. The standard size for a throw is 50” x 70”, while blankets are designed to cover a whole bed. A throw’s primary purpose is decoration, so you mainly use it to add some personality to your chair, couch, or bed. Of course, on a particularly cold day it’s perfectly fine to grab a throw and wrap it around yourself or use it to help warm up your feet--just remember to put it back when you’re done with it!

What are Throw Blankets Made From?

You’ll find throws in many more fabrics and styles than blankets, Here’s a list of some of the fabrics that throws typically come in. I’ve added some of my insights and “insider knowledge” to help you make the best decision when purchasing for yourself or others:

  • Hypoallergenic wool - this removes and absorbs unhealthy compounds from the air

  • Cashmere  - this kind of wool comes from the fine soft underbelly hair from a Kashmir goat. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. Dorsey throws by Sferra are made from cashmere.

  • Alpaca - Alpaca fabric contains no lanolin, so it’s good for people with sensitive skin. It’s a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber that is warmer and not as prickly as sheep’s wool. Sferra’s Bristol throws are made from alpaca. 

  • Mohair - this comes from the angora goat and is characterized by long and springy fibers, Durable and resilient, mohair is notable for its high luster and sheen.

  • Merino Wool is very soft, fine and resistant to pilling as merino sheep have softer hair than other other sheep. Tartini throws by Sferra are made from Merino wool.

  • Smartwool is an amazing fibre that starts with wool from a merino sheep's back and is processed in a way that makes it cozy, smart, cool and versatile. 

  • Camel hair - the Camels that shed their coarser hair naturally every year which is separated from softer hair, gives us a finer thow often blended with wool, which does not soil easily and is thermo-regulating

Visit our Blankets and Throws section to find a throw that’s perfect for you or as a gift.

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Anita Jabbour
Anita Jabbour