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Blanket Covers & Quilts

When you enter a bedroom your coverlet, also known as a blanket cover, is the first item you see on the bed. Coverlets are designed to cover up the blanket and sheets used during a night’s sleep, and unlike bedspreads they’re designed to fall to the bottom of the mattress rather than to the floor. This provides a finished look without covering up the entire bed, and is the preferred method of most modern designers to showcase a bed. Your blanket cover, plus your shams, will typically make up the complete presentation of your bed.

Blanket covers are generally lightweight. You’ll find them in finished in pique, seersucker, matelasse or percale. Some blanket covers, particularly those made with 100% Egyptian cotton, have a nice soft, comfortable feel and are sometimes used to provide an additional layer of warmth during sleep.

Quilts, or quilted coverlets, are also typically used as blanket covers.