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Host your dinner guests in style with tablecloths from Sferra and Matouk. Choose Festival from Sferra and select from 100 different colors. Or, select an easy care tablecloths from Sferra such as Juliet or Squire for tablecloths that repel stains and are a breeze to wash. Or, on the more high-end side, choose a tablecloth such as Sferra’s top-of-theline Classico, woven in Italy and heirloom-quality. Whether you’re looking for a plain look or a more embellished look, you’ll find the right table linens here.

Once you’ve picked a style, measurements are crucial. Measure the length and width, and if your table has leaves you need to include those in the length. You’ll typically want to make sure the drop is about 10-12 inches from the top of the table to your lap. Our tablecloths come in standard sizes, but if you need custom drops and widths, give us a call.