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How We Do Business

Our company has been family-run since 1931. As you can read about on the Our History page, my grandfather started the business, my father managed it from 1945 to 1988, and then I started running it from 1989 to today.

jabbour linens how we do businessAs a child growing up I had the privilege of watching my father, who was amazing. He had an incredible sense of fashion and was adored by the upper class ladies who came in to shop his selection of housecoats, sweaters, handkerchiefs, and embroidery. He seemed to have a way of attracting people with his warm, welcoming demeanor and infectious smile. When someone came into the store, he made them feel comfortable and answered any questions they had, drawing from his vast knowledge of the industry. It didn't matter if they ended up purchasing something or not—his main concern was making sure they had their questions answers and found precisely what they were looking for.

And so as I've taken over the business my utmost focus has been to keep the same philosophy of tremendous knowledge, care, and value in running the business, with emphasis on providing the finest of products to enhance all of our customers’ experiences and lifestyles.

Knowledge – When you run a business for almost 40 years you amass quite a lot of knowledge. That, added to the knowledge passed on to me by my father, has helped me provide our clients and customers who come into the store with expert answers to just about any question they have, from why Egyptian cotton is superior than ordinary cotton, to the meaning of "thread count", to how to go about choosing a down comforter or pillow to how to make a bedroom inviting and refreshed with reasonable cost and long-lasting quality. My knowledge and experience also helps me make sure I'm stocking only the best of the best products, and that each product that comes into our store is of the highest quality.

Care – As my father did before me, my goal is to make sure you feel comfortable in shopping, your questions are answered, and you are armed with the right information to make the best decisions. I treat everyone who comes into the store as an individual and will work with her or him to find the perfect products for their individual needs, whether they need a classic and complete bed ensemble for a master bedroom, a colorful bedding set for their vacation home, or just want to recreate a luxurious experience they had at a top luxury hotel.

Quality – When guests come to your house, how your bed is made, what your towels feel like, and even what kind of tablecloth you use are all some of the strongest reflections of you they'll take away from their visit.

In our store, we only stock the highest quality products from the world's best manufacturers of fine linens. These will be the most comfortable sheets you ever sleep on, the most luxurious towels you ever use, and all things you can be proud of displaying for generations.

Value – Because we sell the highest quality linens available, our prices are going to be higher than what you'll see in department stores or home stores. But the old adage "you get what you pay for" really applies. The sheets we sell from manufacturers such as Sferra, Matouk, and SDH are all Italian long-staple Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton which is allowed to grow and mature into long staple cotton results in sheets that feel cool, crisp, and comfortable from day one, and only get better with each wash. Contrast that to low quality bedding you might find at department stores on sale, which after one or two washes start to feel rough and edgy. In the long run, you'll need to buy fewer sheets, and the quality of sleep you'll get will pay for itself many times over.

bed linens, pillows, blanket covers on display

I'll be honest—it took me a while before I agreed to put our business on the Web. So much of what you see on the Internet runs counter to the things I mentioned—so many sites just want to push thousands and thousands products on you with little context with their top concern being to maximize their profit margin. There is so much misinformation on the Web about shopping for fine linens it can be overwhelming. The Web can be so impersonal, such a far cry from the days when my father would stand at his store entrance personally welcoming customers by name.

And so our goal for this Web site is to be different. We won't put every product in the universe on this site, but only products that I personally curate from the best manufacturers. And if you're not 100% sure about a product, my best advice is to hold off on buying it until you're sure. You can always submit questions to me through our Contact Form or by calling me at the store at (516) 674-9526. In time, we'll collect some of your more popular questions and post answers here.

If you're new to buying fine quality bedding, towels, or tablecloths, my best advice to you is to visit a store in person to feel the material for yourself, see the stitching and embroidery, and find someone who can help you navigate all the options to find precisely the brand and style that fits your needs. If you happen to be around the north shore of Long Island, I welcome you to stop into our store in Locust Valley to explore the different products we have in the showroom, ask me questions in person, and let me help you walk you through the process.

- Anita Jabbour

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