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Cedar & Vietnamese Oud Scented Candle

By Cochine

Inspired by incense filled temples found hidden deep in the forests of Central Vietnam, this fragrance blends rich, velvety tones of cedar and sandalwood with the precious resins of amber and oud. 

With over 50 hours’ burn time, Cochine candles will gently infuse any room to create a delicately evocative and inspiring atmosphere.

Cochine candles are made using the finest essential oils, eco-friendly cotton wicks and the creamiest botanical wax from renewable resources. We are dedicated to using this more natural alternative to paraffin wax.

Remove all packaging before lighting the candle. We recommend burning Cochine candles for 2-4 hours. Allow the wax to solidify before relighting and keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch / 6mm, this will prevent any sooting. Do not allow the candle to burn down completely and always place a burning candle on a flat, heat resistant surface, away from flammable materials. Due to the high content of essential oils, some discolouration of the wax may occur.

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