Galante Baby Quilted Comforter

By Galante

This plush crib puff is hand-made with the finest, most luxuriously soft nylon shell, and stuffed with comfortably warm, fluffy, hypoallergenic polyester.  Each plush crib puff is lovingly hand embroidered into a diamond-quilted pattern.  Our plush diamond-quilted crib puffs are hand embroidered with one of two of our heritage appliqués.  Our plush crib puffs are a lovingly crafted diamond quilted version of our much loved crib puffs.

  • 100% Nylon Shell, with 100% Polyester Stuffing. Machine Washable.
  • Heritage appliqués available in Blue or Pink.
  • Trim colour will match appliqué. Measures approx. 42 x 38.5
  • (516) 674-9526
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