Galante Baby Orlon Blanket

By Galante

This amply sized, beautifully hand-crafted Orlon blanket is perfect for keeping your little one comfortable and truly snug as a bug in a rug!  Our incredibly soft Orlon blankets are made of 100% acrylic Orlon fabric.  Each blanket has one of our traditional heritage appliqués lovingly applied by hand.  The Orlon Blanket is perfect for keeping your little one safe and comfortable while crawling around the house or playing outside! 

  • Multi-pastel plaid blanket, scalloped edge.
  • 100% Fine Acrylic pastel plaid blanket. 100% Satin Appliqué and Trim.
  • Heritage Appliqué and Trim colour will match. 
  • Machine Washable. 42 x 35
  • (516) 674-9526
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