Galante Baby Blanket

By Galante

Our crib puff is hand-made with a soft, fine nylon shell which is scalloped stitched throughout, and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester.  Each crib puff has one of our heritage appliqués applied by hand.  These crib puffs are part of our heritage collection, which have been a part of family traditions for decades.  Our crib puffs have been passed down from Grandparents to Parents then on to Grandchildren!  Start your family’s newest keepsake baby blanket tradition with one of our Crib Puffs and become part of the Galante Baby family! 

  • 100% Nylon Shell, with 100% Polyester Stuffing. Machine Washable. 
  • Heritage appliqués available in Blue or Pink.
  • Trim will match appliqué colour. 42 x 38.5
  • (516) 674-9526
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