How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

by Anita Jabbour December 05, 2017

Another question I get all the time is--how in the world do you fold fitted sheets? 

A flat sheet, or the ordinary sheet that covers you when you're sleeping, can be a dream to fold. You just fold it in half, matching the corners. You fold it in half again, and keep folding until you have a nice, tidy rectangle that you can place in your linen closet and stack up neatly.

Then there's the fitted sheet, or the sheet that you sleep on, with the elastic band that helps it fit snugly onto your mattress. It can be a nightmare. Try to fold it like a flat sheet, and you'll most often end up with a crumpled mess that's too bulky or misshapen to store anywhere. 

Our good friends at Matouk have put together this guide that'll help you master the art of folding fitted sheets. 

1) Make sure the top two corners of the fitted sheet are inside out, and the elastic edge is facing you. You'll want to slip your left hand into the left corner, and your right hand into the right corner, using your fingers to grasp the corner where the seam meets the sheet.  Hold the fitted sheet up so that it drapes over your hands. 

2) Next, bring your hands together. As you bring them together, take the right corner and fold it over the left corner, allowing your left hand to take grasp of both corners. Repeat the same process at the other end of the sheet. 

3) Ultimately, you're going to want all four corners "tucked into" each other and then to lay the entire sheet onto your bed or a wide, clean table. At this point, your fitted sheet should start looking a lot more like a flat sheet for folding purposes than it did before. You'll want to make sure you have nice, square edges and then fold them into nice, clean rectangles. 

Of course, it's hard to describe this in text or even in Matouk's diagram, so here are a few videos from YouTube that illustrate these concepts. My best advice? Practice, practice, practice. Eventually you'll get it--or you'll even come up with your own unique method. Your reward will be a beautiful looking linen closet and sheets that stay crisp and pressed until the moment you put them back on your bed.  



Our next post will cover another question I get a lot: how to properly wash high quality bedsheets. 

Anita Jabbour
Anita Jabbour