How often should I change my bed sheets?

by Anita Jabbour November 28, 2017

I got a lot of questions about changing and laundering bed sheets, and for understandable reasons. It's a big pain to strip your bed, launder the sheets, fold them, iron them, and store them, only to have to repeat the same process again and again. 

And so, in the next few posts I'll go through some of the more common questions I get about changing and laundering bed sheets. Here's the first:

How Often Should I Change My Bed Sheets? 

Changing and caring for bed linens remains a personal choice for many. A lot of the answer depends on your personal habits and preferences. Those who shower at night, wear pajamas, never eat in bed, never let pets in their beds, and don't suffer from allergies or respiratory issues may be able to go longer before changing their sheets than people who don't do those things. 

That said, even the most fastidious of sleepers will eventually build up perspiration and oil on the body, and this can lead to bacteria growing which will make sheets more and more uncomfortable to sleep on. Likewise, everyone sheds dead skin cells every night, which attract microscopic dust mites. 

The general consensus is that bedsheets should be washed once a week. It's not so frequent that you're spending every waking hour of your life doing laundry, but most experts agree that waiting much longer than this, say 2 weeks or more, is not advisable. Even without an expert, you can generally feel when your sheets are not as "fresh" anymore; this is generally due to a buildup of dirt, dust, and even dust mites and bacteria. Refreshing bedsheets can only add to a comfy night's sleep. 

    Read the next post to read my tips on another often-asked question: how to fold a fitted sheet.  

    Anita Jabbour
    Anita Jabbour